8 January 2013

LESSON PLAN- both... and, neither... nor, either ... or

     I gave some information about  the background of the school and my students.  This lesson plan I prepared was applied to just 10 ART TM and everything was fine.  All the students participated in the lesson and they liked visuals and my post activity. I will show my lesson plan and then upload some photos including my materials I used in the lesson.  This may help you to visualize the lesson.

Here are the some pictures from my materials:

I prepared a bag for my story from Gadget.  I put all the clues as sentences on the papers in this bag.

I stuck my Gadget and I started to tell my story.  Then, I stuck the pictures and clues one by one.

I used colorful papers for the exercises.  The town's football colors are green and orange, so I chose these colors.  Let's look how they seem: 

This is my post activity Mona Lisa Code GAME.  First, I distributed the papers showing which letter corresponds to which numbers.  Then, I stuck one paper which includes some codes.  These codes become a sentence with either or, neither nor and both and.

 The students who finished the first and found the correct sentence won rewards.  After the lesson finished,  I said the other students "next time, do better" and gave them a smaller reward too. :)

I hope you enjoyed it :) !