13 March 2013

Reported speech- Lesson Plan

I applied this lesson plan to upper- intermediates as you see in my lesson plan.  However, some small problems occurred because the students were just 10 people in that day and my mentor teacher had told me that they would cover the reported speech until I came to teach there for my internship. But, it did not happen, they could not remember reported speech and I recognized it after ı gave them their first worksheet. Although these negative things which does not lie at my door, I believe my lesson plan worked well and my students enjoyed very well.  Below is my lesson plan and I will support it with my pictures.

I sticked a picture from "LOVE ACTUALLY" movie and I asked questions.

I gave them a worksheet about the movie.

After they complete the sentences, they checked their answers from the movie by watching two times.

While I explaining reported speech, I said " we can use reported spech in our gossips.  Pardon, in these days people do not say they are gossiping, they say : We are just analyzing the situations and people.  So, we'll just analyze the situations and people, we don't gossip never ever."  Then, I told them I had invited three gossip girl characters.

After I explained my topic superficially and told them the difference between "say" and "tell" , I gave them a classic worksheet for 10 minutes.

After eliciting the answers, the game started.  There are isolated students near the wall and their english is very poor.  Therefore, I did not want them to be in the same team for the game.  I divided the students into two groups by telling them in order "you are red, you are blue, you are red, you are blue..."  Red ones gathered in one corner, and blue ones gathered one group.  I gave them small papers to write and wanted them to select a writer.  I read direct sentences and they changed them to reported sentences as soon as possible.  They wrote their sentences on the papers and  showed me by raising them up. After each correct sentence, the group will go further until they scored a goal.

I gave a reward for the winner team.

I had a contingency plan, but I did not apply it.  There are some sentences which were told by famous people.  I would have wanted the students to change the sentences into reported speech.


  1. Thank you for sharing it:)

  2. Very nice example of the integrated use of media in class. I like the football game idea -- I sometimes do something similar, but I use the whiteboard as the playing field and a fridge magnet as the ball. It is 'quick and dirty' and doesn't take any preparation.

    1. Thank you hocam :)These preparations need a lot of time :( Your game is more practical than mine and I can use it in my future lesson...