17 October 2011

Blogger in Draft

This tool is very useful for especialy language learners. By the help of this tool every people can see writing in the blog as a language learning course. When I started to write few or one letter of a word , automatically it completes rest of it. I can learn collocations or which word has or needs which prepositions. Writing here is very enjoyable and also this blogger in draft saves my time. Now I 'm using it while writing and when words stucked in my mind, this helps me to write fluently.Not only this is just for English, but also it is for the other languages. It is easy to use : by just adding "draft."to the beginning of the url of blog web site and after clicking on new post, by choosing pencil tool on the top and right , you start to be a blogger which has more advantages than the other writers on the internet, maybe..  :)

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