23 October 2011

Reflection of Bookr ( http://www.pimpampum.net/bookr/)

I made a book about a tv series and its name is a Vampire diaries in pimpampum web site. I can write comments and put images on bookr from the episodes. Mr. Neufeld gave us an example of our hometown book. This web site is very enjoyable and useful and when I will be a teacher, I can use this site. That is, if I will teach literature lesson, I can put charachters' images from the internet and also I can write descriptions of them. Moreover I can write about the literature text' plot or summary by using some funny pictures.
that is the example:

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  1. Nice idea to use BOOKR as a sort of scaffolding technique to encourage students to write a review or an analysis of a novel. No doubt this could work on various levels, for ELLs from Beginner right up to Advanced.