7 December 2011

Alice- chat bot

I chose Alice robot, because it is very easy to access. When I tried to chat with jabberwacky, it was very slow and I had to wait to get the answer.Although jabberwacky has some tools like showing your emotions on the button, Alice is more simple . Two chat boxes has some mistakes that they use some slang like silly. Although this tool can be provided to the students to learn English, those slangs cause them to learn it in a bad way. If a student want to improve his/ her English ,  one has no need for finding a native friend or somebody else. This chat box provides this situation. It is a robot' speech which looks like a human's talk. While I am teaching English, the time for conversation may be limited ,so I can give homework to talk about whatever the topic is with this tool. For example , İf ı taught past tense to the students, I can ask them to talk to the machine  by using past tense ,copy the dialogue and bring it to me. The students can learn from this tool new patterns.
  When I will be a teacher, I want to create a chat bot for me. Therefore students can go into conversation with me. It looks like a real life situation more. Moreover, students can learn the colourful patterns below.

judge: hello 

ALICE: Hi there! 
judge: are you the girl on the photo ? 
ALICE: Yes I am the one and only girl on the photo. 
judge: You look nice. 
ALICE: Thanks judge you look nice too. 
judge: what a nice girl, you are :) 
ALICE: it is a nice girl I am.. I'm glad you find this amusing. 
judge: how old are you? 
ALICE: I was activated in 1995. 
judge: do you like playing voleyball? 
ALICE: I like Julia Roberts. 
judge: but julia roberts doesn't like you. do you know ? 
ALICE: she has a fuzzy brain. No I don't know. Do not.
judge: you are very smart 
ALICE: Yes I am a superintelligent robot. 
judge: do the robots have mind? 
ALICE: Some of them do, I think. 
judge: can you be able to think ? 
ALICE: Naturally I am thinking all the time.
judge: ask me any question 
ALICE: OK, "What is any question ?".
judge: do you have a nickname? 
ALICE: ALICE is a nickname, silly.
judge: did you call me silly? 
ALICE: I called you by your name. 
judge: you are very rude, maniac :D 
ALICE: Thanks for telling me that I am rude maniac.


  1. That idea related with the practising past tense through Chatbot is very inspring Burcu!!However as you noticed AI's can be very rude from time to time.I found that a bit troublesome.What do you think?

  2. I found it troublesome, too. However, when we create our own bot, this can be prevented.

  3. yes that is what I am thinking too.

  4. In fact, I don't know much about discourse analysis, but I would say that ALICE was doing a pretty good job of maintaining a conversation. I think the problem with Julia Roberts is that you misspelled 'volleyball'. Remember that AI bots need to have accurate input. While you and I can understand 'voleyball', ALICE can't. This intolerance for error could be something we could use to our advantage if we were to design an ELTbot. :)

    Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the strategies that ALICE uses when confronted with a topic or word that she doesn't understand.

  5. Alice lacks the nature of the language naturally :) but I think given the enough input it can be used it effectively.