27 December 2011

Christmas Vocabulary Game

Christmas Vocabulary Game These games are very enjoyable for learning English. It gives you also orally feedback like "yes!, ups!". When most of us learned something by using our visuality, the things we tried to learn go to our long-term memory. We can easily remember the words with this activity.  Have a good time ! :)


  1. Nice link to the FLASH games. Would you like to write up a short note about what you like about them, and perhaps recommend one or two of the games that would be of interest to the students in the Prep School? I'd like to get you to post this in the http://sfltdu.blogspot.com blog.

  2. It is the best way to learn vocabulary through pictures. I agree with you, it gets more memorable, and the things go to our long term memory. It is hard to memorize the synonyms of the words for me, but through this way I can remember the meaning of the words by visualizing. It is perfect for all level of students. It is also really the most effective way to learn new vocabulary. The game is also really enjoyable. It gets a tip for me to teach vocabulary through flashcards. Thanks :)