1 March 2012

From village institutes to Anatolian Teacher Training High Schools...

In one of my course, I and my friend Gizem introduced a school in Turkey with its historical background.I think  this may help some people who are curious about Turkish education system:

"Teachers make all other professions possible."

As we understand from this quotation, one of the most crucial professions in the world to take the human civilization forward is being a teacher.  Therefore, as teacher candidates and students who graduated from Anatolian Teacher Training High Schools, we want to introduce Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School.  First, we should mention village institutions to understand the importance of Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School.
After Turkey was exposed to all destructive wars, the new born Turkey was in need of a lot of  improvements in all areas, but especially in education. Because of that reason , village institutes were estaibleshed in Anatolia around !940's. The goal of the institute was to provide educators to the villages which are didn't have any teachers.  With this aim , government and picked the brilliant young students who graduated from the primary schools and the government trained them. Then, these educated students were sent back to their villages as a teachers. The most important thing in these institues, while fifty percent of the education formal, the other fifty percent consisted of informal education which was practical such as construction, agriculture and the rules of good manners. In a short, these institutes could gather all the abilities of the human beings in one person. These institutes were closed because of the political issues. However, the closure was not a sudden action. In a time, the institutes were forced to shade off to the formal and memorizer education instead of  practical education. It was named as Anatolian Teacher High School. 
The first changed school was Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School. It was originally established in 1848 to train just male students after the reforms. In1951, It became like a college. When one graduated from this school, he or she started to work as teachers. In 1991, the school took its current name as Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School. The importance of that school is to provide successful and high qualified teachers. These kinds of schools’ situations have changed in a time. Although they are taking pedagogical classes,  they cannot  get their professions after their graduations.  They have to go to the University to be educators. The students who graduate from this school can choose other professions too. If they choose to be teachers, they get extra points in the university entrance exam. 
To conclude, although this school witnessed to a lot of modifications in its history, it has still great potential to train well-quallified educated students for Turkish Republic.


  1. Great to see you continue to use your blog as a tool for reflection and growth in your other courses. A real inspiration to TELF students and EFL teachers like me. I will encourage my other students to have a look at what you are doing here. Aferin!