25 January 2012

Digital story telling

I found a web site named zimmertwins. It is a tool that you can make some enjoyable animates stories. I tried to create a simple video. However, without a specific e-mail address, I cannot send or share the video on my blog or facebook. I should send it to specific people. Therefore, it is a bit impractical. On the other side, you can create an animated video from scratch button. Also you can add your own words, your emotions while creating. The teacher can use this video while teaching some topics like  transitions or reported speeches. Maybe, the teacher can create the animated video and the students fill the clouds of talk. There are some funny activities in the web- site. These activities are especially for kids and young learners. When these learners get bored from the lesson, activities can make them motivate.
The other tool for animated stories is dvolver. Here, you can choose characters, background, their speeches and a music. Characters look like real life or cartoons. Young learners can create an animated video and write English sentences there for the characters. It is very simple to use. I have created a sample quickly. It is about Halloween. All of you can be agree with me about teaching tradition of second language as well as the second language. :)

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