4 January 2012

Descriptive video- comparatives and superlatives

In CTE-319 lesson, we had an assignment as a group :Meral, Özge, Gizem and I. We prepared a descriptive video which was related to comparatives and superlatives. While preparing the video, we got tired a lot. It took 3 hours. Firstly, we tried to find a theme to tell the topic in it. In the previous weeks, we read Waiting For Godot in the drama class. We liked its characters and we thought that using these characters in the dialogue can be very enjoyable. After creating the dialogue, we found images, which are related to the characters and the topic, from the internet. Because of short time, it does not get bored you. This assignment is both memorable and effective for us and it will be the same for our students, I am sure.
Moreover, we have a backstage video. If you want to create one, this can help you . :)

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