12 November 2012


      WeVideo is a web site which you can create a collaborative video. It looks like windows live movie maker.  However, you can create videos online now.

       The features:

  • With the help of theme scenes, you can add a different atmosphere to your video according to its content.
  • Videos, photos and audios are available in the video together.
  • Small notes in the captures make your video more meaningful.
  • You can share your video with your friends on facebook or twitter.

        Additionally, this is now available in youtube.
        This video can be used for the students in terms of warm- up stage in the lesson, discussions, breaking the boring atmosphere in the class, the students' homework.  For now, I just tried creating a video about my little sparrow.  I chose a memory theme for my video.  I think it needs a bit more time to arrange timeline and  notes on the pictures.

10 November 2012


Atatürk died at Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul 72 years ago. He is the founder of the modern Turkish Republic.  Today, there was a ceremony in memory of Atatürk in my college.  I recognized when I was a child, this ceremony was done with a great sorrow and many people were joining the ceremony.  They were telling poems for Atatürk.   However, as we move away from the day of his death, this ceremonies were shaped in a shorter and different ways.  
I love him very much and I will remember his advices to the youth forever...