19 March 2013

Space Tourism Reading (future tense -will- going to review) Lesson Plan

    This lesson was very interesting for me because I did not prepare any worksheet for the lesson.  I had to use the student's book and there was a reading passage, exercises...  I used some of the exercises on the board.  It was a very enjoyable lesson.

Here is my lesson plan:

I taught vocabulary in my warm-up stage.  These words are in the text, so they became ready for the text.  I stuck them on the board after showing with my hand.  Each flashcard has a picture and a hidden name of it.  At the back of the card, Turkish translation was written.

This is the copy of the book. The students scaned the text and found the words in it.  Then, They read the text and did exercises 3 which are comprehension questions of the text.

After the reading and comprehension questions,  I stuck prediction situations on the board.  It was written on the book and I told "will" is used for predictions, so they chose one situation and created sentences. This is the version of the book: 

This is my version on the board :

After eliciting the answers, I divided the students as groups and gave one phrasal verb to each group :

This is the reward for the winner teams : 

After finishing the lesson, one of my colleaque Özge taught the future tense and continuous and applied some activities in the second lesson.  This lesson was very enjoable, too. :)   Below, there is a story about one couple to show the students the difference of talking about the future.

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