29 April 2013

Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson Plan

I prepared a lesson for comparatives and superlatives.  The students enjoyed a lot.  However, for the last post activity, I was able to apply just first 4 exercises.  Therefore, you can make shorter if you want to use it in your lesson.

Here is my lesson plan :

To see my lesson more clear, I can show you some pictures which I prepared for this lesson.
These are warm-up and presentation (while teaching)stages.  First, I made the students remember the pictures or define them.  I asked " what do you see in the picture, what are they doing? where? which one goes faster? which one is prettier etc...".  I got the answers and wrote the full sentences on the left of the pictures with the students, together.  Pictures were on the center of the board.  I made the students aware of "-er, -ier, more" and the topic of comparatives.  Then I showed small pictures which are related to superlatives.  I wrote the sentences with the students on the right of the board.

 This is : Seda Sayan is prettier than Bülent Ersoy. ( students laughed this picture a lot)
              Adriana Lima is the prettiest. ( Boys loved this.  :) )

 This is: Sleeping in the car is more comfortable than on the chair.
              The bed is the most comfortable.

 I called first one George and the second one Robert. This is: Robert has a longer nose than George.
                                                                                             Pinocchio has the longest nose.
 Boys loved these pictures. This is: Doğan can go faster than Nano.
                                          Bugatti can go the fastest of all the other cars. ( I did not know Bugatti.  I learned it while preparing my lesson, but when I asked to the students if they knew this car, boys guessed immediately.)

This is: I can solve the second problem more easily than the first one.
            This problem is the most easily solved.

This is : Rihanna sings as sweetly as Beyonce.

After they learned comparatives and superlatives, I put the 3 members of "One Direction".  Some girls loved,  but some girls did not like them.  I gave information about them on the board. 

Then, I gave the students worksheets. (4-5 minutes)

After eliciting the students' answers, I divided the students into 5 groups.  Each group should have 3 students. They chose their groups' names.  I showed a demo of  the game.  For each part, they chose a member of their groups and one member from the other groups.  They will compare them.  If it is grammatically and really correct, they will get one point for their groups.  I wanted the students to do first 4 parts, then collected one paper from each group.  I read their sentences and we saw their proves and mistakes.  I gave candies to the winner group.

If  I had less time for my post activity, I would not apply it.  Instead of this, I can give the students this one: 

However, my post activity includes students interaction and they worked collaboratively.  Therefore, it worked very well.

I hope, you enjoyed it.

16 April 2013

Past Simple- Past Continuous ( when- while) Lesson Plan

I changed this lesson a lot because I could not imagine the time learners would spend on the exercises.  They had already learned past simple and past continuous tense( when- while).  Therefore,  I did not need to explain the tenses. I used running dictation activity.

Here is the my lesson plan:

These are some pictures from my lesson:

This is my treasure chest. The reason I chose this kind of box is that my lesson started with pirates, so I tried to make my lesson in the same theme in terms of activities.  Therefore, the students can connect everything in one clear concept.  There are yellow papers like golden in it.  Each student chose one of them and  completed the sentences with when and while. This was at the end of the lesson.

These are for vocabulary teaching before reading the story.

I tried to emphasize the pronunciation of "sword" because we may read it as it is written.  I made the students to repeat the word.

A Tip for When / While:  Draw 2 boys and girls on the board.  Boys are in the name of  when and while.  Girls are in the name of past and past continuous.Tell a story : "In old years, there were men dominance and wives could not walk with their husbands.  Women just followed men.  In those times, "when" married to "past simple" and "while" married to "past continuous".  As a result, "when" went somewhere, "past simple" followed him and "while" went somewhere, "past continuous" followed him."  Then draw a heart to show they loved each other and when was with past simple, while was with past continuous.
They may keep in mind this in that way! :)

A Tip for  -ing: In Turkish , we say "-ing takısı" ( takı means a jewellery).  Therefore, whenever you'll teach a lesson including continuous tense, as a female teacher you can wear a necklace, so the students understand they will learn a tense which has "-ing".  Also, we can say that this tense is very fashionista, so it has always its jewellery (-ing) on the verb.

I hope, you enjoyed it! :)