30 September 2011

reflection of tricider tool


         There are some websides like "http://tricider.com/" and they are for making group decisions .As a teacher, we could use this tool with a class of students. Simply, I could apply for date of make up classes or homework topics. Also I can ask some questions to learn advantages and disadvantages of teaching methods according to them,as an example. When I learn these advantages and disadvantages  which they think, I would try to develop underlying reasons of them and maybe they can change their mind or change their point of view .
        This web side is used for also brainstorming and voting.  I couldn't find any weaknesses for this tool. On the contrary, there are some strengths . Firstly, it makes your life easier  and keeps your time. Whatever idea comes your mind, then you can share it with your friends or colleagues to decide which one is okay for you. Secondly, people interact with each other by asking questions and also they learn different ideas from there. For example, when Mr Neufeld asked: "how can we use technology to teach vocabulary?", I saw interesting ideas which didn't come to my mind.
        When I become a teacher, I will ask some questions to my students. If these questions are too argumentative, I would use this tool to ask this question before my students come to class. There are some shy students or students that have no idea about that topic. Therefore these brainstorming questions with this tool will help them to get the idea of the question and get knowledge. Some may want research it before  answering or giving him/her idea. I believe that I will be a big fan of this tool when I become a teacher.


  1. I wonder if there are any ways you could use this tool as a student at METU for your other classes, or to debate issues with your other professors? Maybe Alev Hanim would be interested in trying this when it comes to practice teaching. What do you think?

  2. I can use this tool as a student. For example, we have "advance writing" lesson and we have to find a research question about education in general. After I'll find a general question, I can ask my friends with the help of this tool to specify my idea or to give me some certain examples for helping me. Also Alev hoca may be interested in this tool.

  3. Great idea to mention this to Alev Hoca! Let me know what she says if you do. :)