17 February 2015

Supernatural- movie day

In the language school that I have been working for 6 months, I wanted to organise a movie day and I chose a tv series of which language is clear and that has American accent. I prepared  vocabulary lists for the episodes,  questions related to the each episode and vocabulary exercises. I believe that  words alone can be hard to remember. But with the tv series and collocations in that episodes. students can remember more easily them. To do list is here :

  • Before the movie day:

1 )   one week before, give the vocabulary list with the meaning sheet

2) there should be a blank sheet with the table on it, so students can study the words alone if she/ he wants

  • On the movie day:

1) Give the question sheet and make sure that they understand all the questions which are related to the episode ( because if they don't, you cannot get a proper answer)

2)Watch the episode

3) Get the answers ( if all the students are not sure, you can  play the particular part again)

4) Then distribute the vocabulary exercise sheet

5) It's done  :)

TV series:

Supernatural episode 1 season1
supernatural episode 2 season 1
supernatural episode 3 season 1
supernatural episode 4 season 1
supernatural episode 5 season 1
supernatural episode 6 season 1
supernatural episode 7 season 1
supernatural episode 8 season 1



Edge of Tomorrow ( 1 , 2 , 3 )