29 April 2013

Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson Plan

I prepared a lesson for comparatives and superlatives.  The students enjoyed a lot.  However, for the last post activity, I was able to apply just first 4 exercises.  Therefore, you can make shorter if you want to use it in your lesson.

Here is my lesson plan :

To see my lesson more clear, I can show you some pictures which I prepared for this lesson.
These are warm-up and presentation (while teaching)stages.  First, I made the students remember the pictures or define them.  I asked " what do you see in the picture, what are they doing? where? which one goes faster? which one is prettier etc...".  I got the answers and wrote the full sentences on the left of the pictures with the students, together.  Pictures were on the center of the board.  I made the students aware of "-er, -ier, more" and the topic of comparatives.  Then I showed small pictures which are related to superlatives.  I wrote the sentences with the students on the right of the board.

 This is : Seda Sayan is prettier than Bülent Ersoy. ( students laughed this picture a lot)
              Adriana Lima is the prettiest. ( Boys loved this.  :) )

 This is: Sleeping in the car is more comfortable than on the chair.
              The bed is the most comfortable.

 I called first one George and the second one Robert. This is: Robert has a longer nose than George.
                                                                                             Pinocchio has the longest nose.
 Boys loved these pictures. This is: Doğan can go faster than Nano.
                                          Bugatti can go the fastest of all the other cars. ( I did not know Bugatti.  I learned it while preparing my lesson, but when I asked to the students if they knew this car, boys guessed immediately.)

This is: I can solve the second problem more easily than the first one.
            This problem is the most easily solved.

This is : Rihanna sings as sweetly as Beyonce.

After they learned comparatives and superlatives, I put the 3 members of "One Direction".  Some girls loved,  but some girls did not like them.  I gave information about them on the board. 

Then, I gave the students worksheets. (4-5 minutes)

After eliciting the students' answers, I divided the students into 5 groups.  Each group should have 3 students. They chose their groups' names.  I showed a demo of  the game.  For each part, they chose a member of their groups and one member from the other groups.  They will compare them.  If it is grammatically and really correct, they will get one point for their groups.  I wanted the students to do first 4 parts, then collected one paper from each group.  I read their sentences and we saw their proves and mistakes.  I gave candies to the winner group.

If  I had less time for my post activity, I would not apply it.  Instead of this, I can give the students this one: 

However, my post activity includes students interaction and they worked collaboratively.  Therefore, it worked very well.

I hope, you enjoyed it.

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