23 October 2011

Reflection of Bookr ( http://www.pimpampum.net/bookr/)

I made a book about a tv series and its name is a Vampire diaries in pimpampum web site. I can write comments and put images on bookr from the episodes. Mr. Neufeld gave us an example of our hometown book. This web site is very enjoyable and useful and when I will be a teacher, I can use this site. That is, if I will teach literature lesson, I can put charachters' images from the internet and also I can write descriptions of them. Moreover I can write about the literature text' plot or summary by using some funny pictures.
that is the example:

17 October 2011

Blogger in Draft

This tool is very useful for especialy language learners. By the help of this tool every people can see writing in the blog as a language learning course. When I started to write few or one letter of a word , automatically it completes rest of it. I can learn collocations or which word has or needs which prepositions. Writing here is very enjoyable and also this blogger in draft saves my time. Now I 'm using it while writing and when words stucked in my mind, this helps me to write fluently.Not only this is just for English, but also it is for the other languages. It is easy to use : by just adding "draft."to the beginning of the url of blog web site and after clicking on new post, by choosing pencil tool on the top and right , you start to be a blogger which has more advantages than the other writers on the internet, maybe..  :)


Wordle: Untitled

Data Driven Learning-discussion point

DDL can be applied easily in a classroom. That is ;  up to me, this learning provides the learners that they don't have to think of grammar rules because they learn these rules unconsciously by doing activities. This learning more suitable for group work. However the number of the students shouldn't be so many. Computers and internet have already been used in teaching and learning. For example; concordancing activity let the learners to see how a word can be used with different words or in different ways like lexical approach. Therefore the computer supply some advantages to DDL.

5 October 2011

Reflection of blogging experience

I created a blog for the first time. At the beginning, I was afraid of that what if I cannot understand its tool or how it is working etc.. After the CTE-319 lesson, I find the blog enjoyable and useful. It is so easy to write  ideas or experiences. When I'll be a teacher, I will use this blog. I can work and share my ideas, thoughts, some problems with the students during the lesson and their solutions, some tips and especially  news about education and teaching with the other teachers. I t is like working in collaboration . Day by day , people find new techniques about teaching and new materials. Therefore, it is hard to follow hundreds of web-sides which are related to teaching and teachers. However, I can follow some teachers' blogs and we can keep in touch there. when we heard something new, we can share it there. I can share videos, images, whatever comes to my mind. Moreover as a student, I find it useful again. To know this blog will be read by others, not only by the teacher makes people  more attentive to the blog. People from every part of the world can follow me, may read my reflections  and make comments on my blog. This is an advantage for a student because when I use the blog, I'm situated in a bigger group or a community than a class. This blog make me improve my reading abilities. To make comments and to choose my friends' favorite posts, I have to read their paragraphs. If the assignment is on the blog or on the web,  I have to also improve my research abilities to write somethings on my blog. To conclude,for both  a student and a teacher ,  a blog can incorporate many things.

4 October 2011

A few ways using a blog in teaching

- the teacher can provide to the students latest news about the topics which are related to their lessons.
-the students or the teachers can combine a lot of ideas  about one topic and they can draw a conclusion which includes thoughts and suggestions on the blog.
-for class discussions or arguments , it can be useful.
- in each week, the students can write their ideas about the lesson. for example; what they have learned or  is there any interesting thing in the lesson etc...


      Twitter is getting more popular day by day. I met with twitter months ago, but I didn't  check it everyday. I have been exploring  this web-side. I like some tools of it. Firstly, I can learn my friends' small details or actions which are related to their lives. To illustrate, one of my friends wrote she missed  her mother's cookies. Maybe, I could cook it for her if I want to see my friend happy. Secondly, I like hash-tags. I didn't know what it is. While  searching commands, people or news, I put hash-tag and it makes easier to find what I want to see. Also I can find  people who are interested in same hobbies like me. We can share our ideas or thoughts etc.. with them.
     However, there are some problems which are  related to this web-side. When  I use hash-tag or follow someone,sometimes  it stays same (as if you make no change). This change is seen on the web-side after you renew the page or half an hour later. The other problem is that you cannot express your ideas more than 140 character  . It could be a bit long. Until now, I have discovered  just a few things about twitter . These are what I have found out until now.
      Twitter can be used in teaching. The teacher can keep the class as a community in communication. After the class or before the class,  the teacher can share assignments or new findings about lessons. Also  the students  can share  their knowledge and ideas with each other by using hash-tags.Then the students can develop their literary skills and their language in a funny way. For example, they label their eachothers' names     in twitter and can write something, joke or any idea in English. Fourthly, if the teacher wants them to discuss a topic, the students can discuss it by putting hash-tag and  the group name. Especially college students have i-phones nowadays and they connect the internet and twitter anytime. Therefore  they can join the discussion easily. The other thing is that being 140 character limit in twitter is beneficial for using it in education. the students have to write somethings shortly so they learn to summarize. Finally the teacher make himself or herself available for the students and they reach the students ant time from there. The students may feel better because they can ask questions if they have any ambiguity or curiosity on something.