4 October 2011

A few ways using a blog in teaching

- the teacher can provide to the students latest news about the topics which are related to their lessons.
-the students or the teachers can combine a lot of ideas  about one topic and they can draw a conclusion which includes thoughts and suggestions on the blog.
-for class discussions or arguments , it can be useful.
- in each week, the students can write their ideas about the lesson. for example; what they have learned or  is there any interesting thing in the lesson etc...


  1. I also think that Blogs can be very useful for discussions.You can set up a forum about a particular topic.in this way you can create additional opportunities that help students develop their writing skills and also setting a forum provides to your students to share their ideas more freely.

  2. I like your ideas. In fact, there are tools like http://tricider.com that are like a 'mini-blog' with a focus on discussing solutions to a common problem, and voting on them. While you can do this in a blog as well, as you point out one of the strengths of a blog is to publish the latest news about homework, etc. However, both you and Meral pick up on the key issue, which is that blogs actually can give students a 'voice' to express their ideas. As you suggest, you can get students to contribute to the blog as a 'class blog', and this is a big step towards a more collaborative pedagogy. The role you play as a teacher will require some changes for this to be effective. Can you think of any changes that you would have to make as a teacher to allow students to be productive and contributing members in your blog?