5 October 2011

Reflection of blogging experience

I created a blog for the first time. At the beginning, I was afraid of that what if I cannot understand its tool or how it is working etc.. After the CTE-319 lesson, I find the blog enjoyable and useful. It is so easy to write  ideas or experiences. When I'll be a teacher, I will use this blog. I can work and share my ideas, thoughts, some problems with the students during the lesson and their solutions, some tips and especially  news about education and teaching with the other teachers. I t is like working in collaboration . Day by day , people find new techniques about teaching and new materials. Therefore, it is hard to follow hundreds of web-sides which are related to teaching and teachers. However, I can follow some teachers' blogs and we can keep in touch there. when we heard something new, we can share it there. I can share videos, images, whatever comes to my mind. Moreover as a student, I find it useful again. To know this blog will be read by others, not only by the teacher makes people  more attentive to the blog. People from every part of the world can follow me, may read my reflections  and make comments on my blog. This is an advantage for a student because when I use the blog, I'm situated in a bigger group or a community than a class. This blog make me improve my reading abilities. To make comments and to choose my friends' favorite posts, I have to read their paragraphs. If the assignment is on the blog or on the web,  I have to also improve my research abilities to write somethings on my blog. To conclude,for both  a student and a teacher ,  a blog can incorporate many things.

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  1. Nice graphic! Great insights into the nature of blogs and blogging, and how this can be used not only for personal and professional development, but also as a tool to communicate (and collaborate) with students. Good work on figuring out how to use labels, and adding the LABELS widget in your side bar.