4 October 2011


      Twitter is getting more popular day by day. I met with twitter months ago, but I didn't  check it everyday. I have been exploring  this web-side. I like some tools of it. Firstly, I can learn my friends' small details or actions which are related to their lives. To illustrate, one of my friends wrote she missed  her mother's cookies. Maybe, I could cook it for her if I want to see my friend happy. Secondly, I like hash-tags. I didn't know what it is. While  searching commands, people or news, I put hash-tag and it makes easier to find what I want to see. Also I can find  people who are interested in same hobbies like me. We can share our ideas or thoughts etc.. with them.
     However, there are some problems which are  related to this web-side. When  I use hash-tag or follow someone,sometimes  it stays same (as if you make no change). This change is seen on the web-side after you renew the page or half an hour later. The other problem is that you cannot express your ideas more than 140 character  . It could be a bit long. Until now, I have discovered  just a few things about twitter . These are what I have found out until now.
      Twitter can be used in teaching. The teacher can keep the class as a community in communication. After the class or before the class,  the teacher can share assignments or new findings about lessons. Also  the students  can share  their knowledge and ideas with each other by using hash-tags.Then the students can develop their literary skills and their language in a funny way. For example, they label their eachothers' names     in twitter and can write something, joke or any idea in English. Fourthly, if the teacher wants them to discuss a topic, the students can discuss it by putting hash-tag and  the group name. Especially college students have i-phones nowadays and they connect the internet and twitter anytime. Therefore  they can join the discussion easily. The other thing is that being 140 character limit in twitter is beneficial for using it in education. the students have to write somethings shortly so they learn to summarize. Finally the teacher make himself or herself available for the students and they reach the students ant time from there. The students may feel better because they can ask questions if they have any ambiguity or curiosity on something.

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  1. Great ideas about using TWITTER, and also balanced with the 'downside'. In many ways, it is nicer than FACEBOOK, as you mention that TWITTER is more about sharing ideas, links, etc. and not so much about 'social networking'.