15 March 2013

What is your favorite word ?

       This is a both simple and difficult question because most people do not think of it. However, some people have already thought about this like below the video.

       A language is alive like humans, animals and it can born and die.  A language can change because of many things, especially interaction with the other cultures and inventions. But which inventions?  I heard what have you thought now :)  Computer and internet. Nowadays, the word of "internet" seems very usual. However, it is a nice word and it means a lot. All words like internet have a history in it like humans.  The other popular word is "blog".  Bloggers, blogging, blog etc.. , many words are occuring with the help of the technology and these words can be someone's favorite words.  David Crystal, who is a linguist, is one of these people.  Let's hear his favorite words !

        If you ask me , my favorite word is "write".  It seems usual, but the important thing is what you attribute a meaning to a word and what kind of value the word itself has in your life... :)  I love to write. "Write" is everywhere in my life and it is the most beautiful invention according to me. 

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