8 January 2013

LESSON PLAN- articles

        In my practice teaching, I taught articles to my students. I wanted to share it with you because it can be an inspiration for you while teaching this topic or you can use it completely, so you can see how it works.
       Before that, You may want to know in which type of school this lesson plan was applied.  The school was a college in North Cyprus.  This means that the lessons are taught in English.  This school selects its students with an exam.  The school has classes from 6th to 12th.
        I used this lesson plan for two different classes.  Their age level, their class level and learning level are the same, but one of the classes was 10 Science ( mostly maths and science) and the other one was 10 ART TM( Turkish- Maths).  The students' profiles were very different although they seemed similar.  From the beginning of the year, I was observing both of the class.  I'll talk about firstly 10 ART TM.  This class consists of 13-14 students and their English is worse than 10 Science.  However, the atmosphere of the class  was very good and I liked this class.  The other class was 10 Science. This class has 21 students and their English is very good.  There are some Turkish students who came from England.  However, the students in this class gave me a hard time because They did not want to speak in my lesson.  Even if I asked simple questions like " give me an island name", they did not talk. In the previous weeks, they were very active, energetic and participating students with their teacher.  However, they did not participate in my lesson.  I applied the same lesson plan these two classes and I got different feedback for the same lesson plan.

This is my lesson plan:


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